Dawlance has the privilege of locally manufacturing and assembling European technology washing machines. Ever since Arcelik acquired Dawlance, new manufacturing lines have been set up with modern technology that produces single tub and double tub semi automatic washing machines along with top load automatic washing machines. Dawlance also has front load fully automatic washing machines which have unmatchable technology that washes clothes while providing you utmost comfort. The front load machine models also wash also have hating technology that washes clothes on high temperature for maximum hygiene while saving water. Dawlance washing machines come with longest warranty period for motor and PCB which allows the consumers to wash cloth without worrying about washing machines malfunctioning. Triple Waterfall Technology: The technology allows perfect wash while the waterfalls in drum from the angles. This allows the water to pass through clothes easily without damaging them and hence provide the washing experience. Steam Care Technology: With power of steam your clothes shall now get washed in perfect manner. Steam Care Washing machine that treats your clothes with Steam before and after wash for easy removal of stains, pathogens and creases making it easier for you to iron your clothes.