Refrigerators and Freezers

Dawlance is the pioneer and number 1 home appliance brand in Pakistan, as per the study of IPSOS. The appliances produced by Dawlance are advanced in quality with good designs and aesthetics. Dawlance Refrigerators are Pakistan's first locally manufactured refrigerators which provide top quality at the best possible price online. Dawlance has a wide variety of refrigerators and freezers with modern and most advanced European technology that helps you store food in all seasons at optimum temperature. Types of Refrigerators: It has a wide variety of Refrigerators from No frost, side by side, french door, upright, and direct cool refrigerators. Types of Freezers: Dawlance has single and double-door chest freezers with convertible options that allow you to use the freezer as a fridge. Dawlance also has vertical freezers that are best in space utilisation and food storage as they help in organizing food while you don't have to bend in using the appliance or taking food from it. The vertical freezers have the same space as chest freezers but have efficient outer space, which helps to fit in any room of your house. Dawlance also has joker vertical freezers, which can be converted to complete refrigerators or freezers at any time.Nature Lock Technology: The new line of nature-inspired refrigerators from Dawlance offers the most enhanced solution for your daily food preservation needs. Nature Lock technology is an innovative technology designed to intelligently control the air and humidity in the crisper to prolong the life of fruits and vegetables by keeping them fresh. You can therefore store fruits and vegetables under ideal humidity conditions for up to 20 days.Vitamin Fresh Technology: The new range of Vitamin Fresh Technology refrigerators from Dawlance offers the most advanced solution for your daily food preservation needs. It is a unique system which stimulates the natural lighting conditions from the sun through light technology. As a result, preserving the optimum level of vitamin A & C in Fruits and vegetables while ensuring the health and immunity of your family.Hybrid Cooling Technology: The all-new range of Hybrid Cooling Technology enhances your daily food preservation by providing the longest cooling retention by using Specialised ‘’foaming technology’’ in freezer portions in cases of prolonged power outages and keeps the food frozen for up to 6 days while also providing additional energy saving.Convertible Technology: Dawlance convertible freezers allow you to convert the freezer into a refrigerator or freezer at any given time as per need. All you have to do is rotate the knob and select a specific mode to be used as per need. This enhances product usability and efficiency, making it cost-effective, affordable, and customizable as per need.