Why Does Your Microwave Take Longer to Heat Than Normal?

Do you want to cook something in your microwave but worried that it takes more time to heat than normal? Maybe it has something to do with the wattage. Here is a complete guide on how to check the wattage of your microwave!

Knowing the Wattage of your Microwave Oven

Unsure about the wattage of your microwave? Worry not, here is a simple technique (by University of Tennessee) that will help you find out!

  • Fill a glass with exactly one cap of lukewarm tap water.
  • Microwave the water on high without covering it.
  • Compare the amount of time it took for the water to start boiling:
Time to Boil (In minutes) Wattage (In Watts)
Less than 3 600-700
3-4 500-600
More than 4 Less than 500l
Most recipes are developed for ovens with a Wattage of 600 watts. If your oven’s wattage is less, than you will have to increase your cooking time and vice versa. Be sure to cook, rotate, stir, and observe standing times carefully wherever required in recipes.

Finally, avoid tasting food immediately as it comes out of the oven as it might be too hot and burn your mouth. Here are a few recipes to get you started: