What’s best for you; Top Load or Front Load?

Ease of Use
Generally, top-loading washers are more convenient since you don’t have to bend over to load and unload clothes. Top loaders are also more convenient because it allows adding clothes in mid-cycle.

Better Cleaning
Top-loading washers can be rougher on clothes, especially if the machine is overloaded. Front loaders are, generally much gentler with clothes.
Typically, front-loading washing machines are more expensive than the top-loading ones, but justifiably so. They give a more quality clean and tend to be more energy and water efficient than top loaders. Although the upfront cost of a front loader is generally more, we think over the long run your total expenses will even out as the front load washer has less energy consumption.

Ease of Cleaning
Top-loading washing machines don’t require extensive cleaning or maintenance. One of the biggest complaints about front-loading washers is that over time mold can build up. Thus, front-loading washers require a lot more maintenance than top-loading washers.