The Perfect Washing Machine for You

Are you planning to buy a washing machine and feeling overwhelmed seeing all the options available?

We Got You!

Here’s a step-to-step guide to help you choose the perfect washing machine.

How much space do I have for the washing machine?
Before you start browsing websites or visiting stores to explore your options, you need to measure the space in your laundry room to get a machine that fits perfectly.

What tub size would be perfect for me?
Smaller families can opt for a small-sized tub to save on the budget. However, if you have a larger laundry space go for a larger tub size front load washer as they have more capacity than the top load ones. It saves time and energy.

Do I really need all these fancy functions?
  • Is there a child in my house? If yes, then you need a washing machine with manual settings to wash delicate clothes thoroughly.
  • Am I someone who wouldn’t bother using all the complicated functions? If yes, then get yourself a basic washing machine with regular wash-rinse-spin cycles instead of a host of other features and save yourself some cash.
What’s my price range?
Before you can finally make the purchase, it is important that you finalize your budget. The most inexpensive washing machines have basic models and are typically top loading. Set a price range and keeping in mind all the answers to above questions start exploring options that fall in this narrowed down criterion.