Breakfast & Beverages

Tired of having burnt toast every morning? Wishing you could make dessert with your toaster? Dawlance's toaster with cutting edge technology gives you enjoy the authentic warm aroma of bread toasted to perfection, and make so much more than just toasted bread on your toaster. Now you can make delectable Shahi Tukray within minutes.

Food Preparation

Guests at the door and no time to chop and slice ingredients? Dawlance's Food Processor is the ultimate kitchen partner that can slice, chop and blend anything in seconds to give you the ultimate culinary experience. You can make delicious Pakistani dishes using the Free Food Processor Recipe Book. Packed with the power of a thick shredding disk, plastic knife for kneading dough and stainless steel chopping blade.

Garment Care

Dawlance Steam iron is designed to effectively iron the clothes for all kinds of fabrics. Its dry iron mode, steam iron mode and vertical ironing option allows you to use it as per your need and ease. The auto-shutoff feature ensures prevention of clothes form burning and the self cleaning feature makes cleaning easy.

Floor Care

Dawlance vacuum cleaner effectively cleans your room with its high suction power and large working radius due to its 7M long round cable. Variable power control and low noise result in convenient use. The HEPA 12 filter helps retain 99.9% of the dust – ensuring a healthy operation.

Water Dispensers

Modern aesthetics with complete solutions to match your needs in every weather. In addition to 20L refrigerator capacity, the special hot water feature makes it a must-buy for your home or office