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  • 7 Kg Wash Capacity
  • Steam Care Technology
  • Remote Connectivity through HomeWhiz Bluetooth
  • Hygiene Wash kills upto 99.9 % Bacteria
  • Special Algorithms for Wools
  • Stain Buster Technology
  • Warranty: 10 years inverter Motor Warranty
  • Energy Rating of A+++(-10%)

One of its kind, Steam Care Washing machine that treats your clothes with Steam before and after wash for easy removal of stains, pathogens and creases making it easier for you to iron your clothes. Additionally, the product addresses the removal of 24 different types of tough everyday stains perfectly with its unique stain buster technology These 24 Stains include coffee, tea, fruit juice, collar stain, salad dressing, mayonnaise, ketchup, makeup, blood, sweat, pudding, mud, meal, chocolate, grass, egg, baby food, machine oil, coke, butter, jam, curry & coal.

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10 Years Warranty

10 Years Motor Warranty

Wide Stainless Drum Design

Hygeinic, corrosion-free drum made for
washing large loads


Wash your clothes upto 90oC for 99.9% hygenic results

Woolen Care

Washes woolen clothes gently

A+++ (-10%) Rating
Inverter Washing Machine

Special Energy rating that the machine consumes 10% lesser energy
than A++ rating

Aqua Wave Technology

Provides gentle washing conditions for all garments,
making them last longer.

Auto Restart

Intuitive touch button that
does the laundry

Inverter Technology

Brushless Motor that helps save energy, produces less noise and gives higher reliability.

Model No.

DWF 7200 X INV


Front Load Automatic Washer




Front Load Washer

Wash Capacity

7 kg.

Sound Level (Wash)

58 dB

Max Spin Speed

1200 rpm



Number of Programs


Energy Efficiency

A+++ (-10%)

Cycle End Indicator


Water Inlet

Yes (single)



Tub Clean Function


Unbalanced Load Control


Hygiene Wash


Pro Fabric Drum


Embroidery Care


Woolen Care


Steam care


HomeWhiz Connectivity

Yes (Bluetooth)

Rated Voltage and Frequency

220 V ~ 50 Hz

Water Consumption

45 Litres

Inlet Pressure

0.03 MPa - 0.3 MPa

Motor Type

Inverter Motor

Water Connection Height

40 - 100 cm.


You can wash your durable cotton laundry (sheets, bedlinen, towels, bathrobes, underwear etc.) in this programme.

Cottons Eco

Use to wash your normally soiled, durable cotton and linen laundry. Although it washes longer than all other programmes, it provides high energy and water savings.


You can wash your laundry (such as shirts, blouses, synthetic/cotton blended fabrics etc.) in this programme. The programme duration gets notable shorter and washing with high performance is ensured.


Use this programme to wash your lightly soiled clothes in a short time. The programme duration can be reduced down to 14 minutes when the quick wash function is selected.

Wool / Hand Wash

Use to wash your woollen/delicate laundry. Your laundry will be washed with a very gentle washing action in order not to damage the clothes.


You can wash your delicate clothes such as cotton/synthetic blended knitwear or hosiery in this programme. It washes with more delicate washing action. Wash your clothes whose colour you want to preserve either at 20 degrees or by selecting the cold wash option.

Dowloadable Programs

"You can select and save special programs from your HomeWhiz app and run it here. Dowloadable Programs Include: Mix, Curtains, Lingerie, Soft toys, Towel"

Spin + Drain

You can use this function to remove the water in the garments OR drain the water in the machine.


Rinse Use when you want to rinse or starch separately.


Use this programme to protect the colour of your dark-coloured garments or jeans. It performs high performance washing with special drum movement even if the temperature is low.


You can use this programme to wash sports and outdoors garments that contain cotton/synthetics mix and water repellent covers. It makes sure your garments are washed gently thanks to special rotating movements.


Removes 24 types of tough stain through specially designed program algorithms


Use this programme for your laundry (baby clothes, bed sheets, bedlinen, underwear, etc. cotton items) that requires an anti-allergic and hygienic washing at high temperature with intensive and long washing cycle. The high level of hygiene is ensured thanks to additional rinsing step.

Down Wear

Use this programme to wash your coats, vest, jackets etc. containing feathers with a "machine-washable" label on them. Thanks to special spinning profiles, it is ensured that the water reaches the air gaps amongst the feathers.


This programme is used to wash the shirts made from cotton, synthetic and synthetic blended fabrics altogether. It reduces wrinkles.



Fast +

Depth x Width x Height (cm.)

49 x 60 x 84 cm.

Weight (kg.)

62 kg.

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