Answer to your all Cooking Needs

Heating Series

Hungry after a tiring day? Your food will be ready in a jiffy with a press of a button. Large amounts of food to defrost for dinner? Don’t worry our microwave provides the quickest solutions. Heat up and defrost food within minutes.

Cook King Series

The Cook King Series is here to make cooking easier than ever. From your Pakistani favorite dishes, to recipes from around the world, the cooking microwave will prepare the dish for you with a press of the button. Choose from a range of elegant designs & various capacities to suit your requirement.

Baking Series

Experience the true art of baking with the new range of Microwaves from Dawlance, ready to assist in all your baking needs. Prepare sweet and savory dishes with a cinch to absolute perfection. Enjoy the delicious & mouthwatering baked goods waiting to be prepared.

Air Fryer Series

If you are carving fried food but also want to watch your weight the Air Fryer is the answer. Cook delicious food with the use of single drop of oil. You & your family can savor all kinds of food and never worry about the copious amounts of oil it may contain. Always eat healthy with our Air Fryer.