Microwave Hacks You Absolutely Need in Your Life

Are you sure you are using your microwaves to the best of their capacity? Your microwaves can do some unimaginable wonders. Here are some hacks that will make your daily kitchen work uncomplicated in many ways.

Food not heating up evenly? Here’s what you can do.

It is frustrating when you heat up a plate of food and find that only the top surface has been heated. To prevent this, arrange the food like a ring around the dish and leave some space in the center. This reduces the volume of the food and gives it more surface area for the heat to be absorbed evenly.

Stale Leftovers? Not Anymore!

Re-heating cold leftover food makes it dry and tasteless. To prevent this is to keep the food in the microwave along with a glass of water and heat for a minute. The water helps in adding moisture which prevents the food from drying out. This is an excellent option for pizzas, rotis, or anything that easily dries out.

Confused whether a container is microwavable? Try this.

Fill a microwave-safe mug or cup of water and place it on the container you want to test and heat for two-three seconds. If the water is hot and the container is cold, it is microwavable. But if the container becomes hot, it may not be safe to use it.

Make soggy potato chips crispy again.

Place the chips in paper towels and set them in the microwave. Heat them for about 10-20 seconds. The paper towels will absorb the moisture from the chips and they'll turn crispy again.
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