How Can You Make Your Microwave Last a Lifetime?

Microwave ovens are cheaper and easier to replace than the larger appliances in your kitchen, but preventative maintenance on your microwave oven can increase its lifespan significantly. Worried about your microwave not heating well? Here are some tips to solve your problems.

1. How to keep the inside of your microwave clean?

Regular cleaning of the inside of your microwave, can help reduce bad smells and keep spots and corrosion from developing. Food and liquid left in the oven cook each time the microwave is used and will absorb energy meant to heat up your current meal, making it work less efficiently. All spills and splatters should be cleaned immediately, and a full wipe-down with a mild detergent once a week to once a month should be done, depending on your usage.

2. How to keep the outside of your microwave clean?

Dust, oil, and other residues can build up on the outside of the microwave, especially on the buttons of the microwave. Old stains are harder to get off, so keep wiping it down regularly to keep it looking brand new. Cleaning the outside also includes the areas around the microwave such as the countertop or cabinet.

3. How to know which containers are safe to use?

Non-microwaveable plastic containers can melt and leach toxic substances in your food. Make sure to use containers that are specifically labeled as microwave safe. These are made of ceramic, glass, or microwave safe plastic. Never put metal in the oven because it will cause the interior to heat up unevenly due to the microwaves bouncing off the metal and this can cause damage. This includes aluminum.

4. Cover your food.

Use lids on your containers whenever heating up food. Splashes occur during the microwaving process as the food heats up and preventing it from splashing on the walls of the microwave will make cleanup easier and protect the paint and metal of the oven.