Health & Safety Policy

Dawlance being a leading household appliances manufacturer gives prime importance to the Health and Safety of its employees, community and all stakeholders.

Dawlance is committed to:

  • Creating and sustaining safe work environment by eliminating hazards and reducing risks specific to our operations & in accordance to the context of the organization. We implement this by providing adequate resources and training to help implement and support this commitment.
  • Fostering a working environment that promotes employee health and productivity and is ultimately free of injuries.
  • Continual Improvement through identification of H&S opportunities and integration of sound H&S practices into all aspects of the business, in addition to maintaining regulatory, legal & all other compliances.
  • Ensuring consultation & participation of workers towards improving workplace safety.

Dawlance H&S Objectives shall be derived from this policy. This policy applies to all Dawlance locations and employees. It is the responsibility of every employee to work safely, to adhere to the letter and spirit of this policy, and to report practices and conditions which are inconsistent with the policy or pose a recognized or unacceptable risk to human health or safety. In addition, each Dawlance leader shall support work place implementation of this policy.