Get Rid of a Smelly Washing Machine Today!

Ever wondered why your laundry is not fresh and your washing machine smells funny? While there is no particular reason for odor in your washing machine, there are ways to control it. So, before you resign yourself to a rusty, moldy, sour-scented washing machine and laundry, here is a guide to help you get a fresh smelling laundry and an odor free washing machine.

Run an empty Wash with Vinegar
Pour 3 cups of white vinegar and run a hot water cycle without placing clothes in the drum. This will clean the washing machine of any bacteria or mold and void any odors.
Clean the Rubber Seal Door
In case you have a front load washing machine, check the rubber door seal for any water collected or mold that is grown. If yes, use a sponge or a cloth to wipe it off.

Keep the Drum Dry
Once you are done cleaning, make sure that the drum is not left damp for long periods of time. Remove laundry as soon as it is done being washed and leave the door open, so that the moisture can escape. To further escalate this process, turn on the fan of the room your machine is placed in. This will increase the airflow.
The Baking Soda Trick
¼ cup of baking soda can be used with an equal amount of water for a gentle solution to the odor problems.

A smelly washer is no fun, so let’s hit that foul odor where it hurts!