Does Your Laundry Smell Weird? This Is What You Might Be Doing Wrong!

If you are wondering why your laundry stinks a little, even though you are cleaning your washing machine religiously, your machine’s lint trap might be clogged. Here’s how you can clean it.
  • You first need to find where the filter is located in your washing machine. The user’s manual has this piece of information.
  • Once you have located the filter, remove and soak it in hot water. After some time use a toothbrush to clean and unclog it.
  • Use the same toothbrush to deep clean the place you extracted the filter from.
  • Once the filter is free from all dirt and detergent return it to its location.
You might want to run an empty wash cycle after this process to clean the rest of your washing machine. Enjoy fresh-smelling laundry on your next wash!