Dawlance wins ‘Best Digital Marketing Communications Award’ 2020

Karachi: 21st September, 2020 The leading enterprise in Pakistan’s home-appliances industry – Dawlance has proved its competitive-edge and innovative superiority, by winning the ‘Best Digital Marketing Communications (Video) Award for Dawlance SYNC campaign in the Pakistan Digi-Awards Ceremony (PDA-2020).  

This prestigious accolade reflects the creativity and innovative superiority of Dawlance which is renowned for producing feature-rich products to achieve sustainable growth and competitive-edge. The judging criteria of the award-category includes effectiveness in creative execution of campaign through content creation and placement on digital media. In order to be a winner the campaign must convey the message accurately and inspiringly, while fulfilling all other communication-objectives.  

The campaign was designed to promote a revolutionary solution – The Dawlance Sync appliances which couldn’t be controlled through SYNC app. The app allows the consumers to use and operate Dawlance appliances on-the-go, from any remote location. The appliances included in the Sync App are; Microwave oven, Air conditioners and refrigerators, whereby consumers can also cook food remotely, by using the microwave oven from distant locations. The Sync App also allows the user to remotely monitor the appliance’s electricity consumption.

The Director Sales and Marketing of Dawlance – Syed Hasan Jameel stated that: “The creative communication excellence of Dawlance has been recognized by many prominent international and domestic forums. This time the Dawlance Sync App campaign has emerged as the most powerful communication effort, so we have one more feather in our cap, as we have won another great honor at the Pakistan Digi-Award 2020 while participating for the first ever time. It is a tribute to our quality and innovation, which is backed by the most responsive Customer-Care in the industry.”

The fourth Pakistan Digi-Award 2020 was the first time for Dawlance to participate in this grand ceremony. Most of the top brands from all over Pakistan also participated in this vibrant event held recently at the Karachi Arts Council. The jury comprised of industry-leading professionals, belonging to the digital marketing fraternity of Pakistan.

This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the ceremony was held while abiding by the guidelines social distancing with limited number of guests at the venue. For more details, Please visit; https://digiawards.pk/.