Can Microwave Ovens Kill Coronavirus: What Does Research Say?

Did you ever think if microwaves can help you win the battle against Coronavirus and keep you safe? With Covid’19 drastically changing lives for millions around the world, home based solutions for fighting the virus are all we need!

Do microwave ovens really kill Corona Virus?

Well, the answer is MAYBE. We know that heat kills the virus. But how much heat do we need? According to WHO, 56 degrees Celsius would kill the virus. Similarly, the virus will become non-infectious when the food is heated at 75 Degree Celsius!
So, heat it through and heat it hot!

Did you also know that microwave ovens can kill bacteria and viruses if the food is heated from 1-5 minutes? So, heating your food can save you from Coronavirus and kill any viruses and germs on your food or packaging! This has been validated by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in US.
However, you must check the wattage of your oven to see how long you should heat your food to kill viruses (click here to see how you can determine wattage of your microwave oven).
While the general rule states that higher the watts, the shorter the cooking time, an average time of two minutes is usually sufficient. Thus, it is important to cook food to the appropriate temperatures and follow good food handling practices!
Pro tip: One must not heat objects in a microwave such as such as papers or fabrics, to disinfect. This can be dangerous since the objects are dry and may catch fire.