5 Surprising Things You Can Wash in Your Washing Machine

Ever wondered whether a dirty item lying around the house can be cleaned in your washing machine?
Here’s a list of five such things that your washing machine can definitely clean!

1. Shower curtains and Regular curtain
Shower curtains are home for algae and bacteria, but you don’t need to buy new ones every time. Just throw them in the washer with a few bath towels and wash with your regular laundry detergent.
Same goes with regular curtains!

2. Pet beds, collars and leashes
If you are a pet person you know how important it is to keep them clean. For per beds, just remove any cover and toss the bed and bedding into the washing machine with a natural detergent. Collars and leaches can get super gross pretty quick. Simply place them in a laundry bag to prevent tangling and toss in with a load of towels.

3. Mop head and cleaning cloths
Simply give mop head and cleaning cloths a quick rinse in the sink, then place in a mesh laundry bag or pillowcase. Run through the wash with a little detergent, and then place the bag directly into the dryer.

4. Oven mitts and potholders
To keep dirty oven mitts and potholders looking and smelling as good as new, simply add them in with your regular load of towels.

5. Car mats, yoga mats and doormats
Are you even a neat freak if you haven’t wondered if you can wash mats in your washing machine? Those cloth floor mats in your car are totally machine-washable and so are most yoga mats. Just clean them with a delicate cycle with no detergent and toss in the dryer on medium heat.
Similarly, cotton or synthetic doormats with rubber backs can be washed about once a month to remove mold and all kinds of germs.