4 Tips to Make Your Washing Machines Last Longer

Do not Overload Your Washer

When doing your laundry, keep in mind to never overload the washing machine. it is quite tempting to load all the clothes in one run, but it does not help or clean efficiently. Overloading the washing machine can also shorten its life span due to greater wear on its mechanical parts. Follow, the manufacturer’s load capacity recommendations when doing your laundry.
Use Quality Detergent
It is a good idea to always use good quality detergent with every load and use it correctly. Often, people overload their washing machine with too much detergent. Most washing machines have a marker for the specific amount of detergent that is recommended for each load.
Wash Full Loads
You can extend the life of your washing machine by washing full loads but not overloading it. Instead of washing a handful of clothes, wait until you have enough clothes to complete a full load. In addition to prolonging the life of your unit, it also reduces your water usage, which saves you money on your monthly bills.
Keep It Level
If your washing machine is not level, you should adjust the feet so it is even and level on the floor. Uneven washing machines are likely to suffer damage because of the constant vibration and aggressive “bouncing” that occurs during its laundry cycles. This problem can be easily fixed by just adjusting the feet located on the bottom of the unit.