This amazing combination of aesthetics and technology is designed to cater to the rising energy costs in Pakistan. Dawlance following its aim of making Pakistan proud has resolved to play its role to address the energy crisis in Pakistan. Health Zone air conditioners saves upto 60% electricity annually and with it's cutting edge mosquito repelent technology makes your environment more comfortable. The Dawlance Pro-Active Air conditioner can run on generator and can be operated without stablizer plus it can run on low voltage upto 155 volts which only Dawlance offers in Pakistan.

Key Features

Chemical & odour free

Effective even when ac is off

Health waves keep mosquitoes away

Harmless for humans


1 TON 500 to 650 Sqft
1.5 TON 875 to 1,100 Sqft

Dawlance, Empowering Women